Help finding two songs

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Help finding two songs

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As my title says, there's these two pieces of trailer music that I'm after. I've been looking for them forever, and just now managed to find out what they're called. Unfortunately, that's not really getting me anywhere. I've been looking for both pieces for quite some time, so if anyone could help, I'd really love it!

~The first piece is called "Tribute", and is by the company Future World Music. It was used in a trailer for Hidalgo that I am aware of, but I'm not sure what else it's been used in. I'm told it used to be free for download on FWM's website, so someone SHOULD be able to help me with that.

~The second piece is called "The Dark March" by James Dooley. I can't be sure, since I've only heard a small portion, but I *think* this one was used in several Eragon trailers. (Any fellow trailer buffs may recognize James Dooley for his piece "Trinity" in the Spiderman 3 trailers)

If anyone has those songs, PLEASE help me out! If you could upload them to someplace I'd REALLY appreciate it! Like I said, I've been after these songs for a really long time!
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