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Post by AgentUnderFire »

Would it be possible to get the 'Fellowship' theme that's played when Legolas surfs down the stairs at Helms Deep?

On a side note, I was listening to the post-production people on the TTT:EE talk about that scene, and I think it was Christian Rivers who says that part makes him wince every time he sees it. Then someone else said that they should have just had Legolas skateboard across the Mark when the Three Hunters look for Merry and Pippin.

I don't care to see Legolas as a surfer, but great music.

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Post by Gina »

Think I've been able to grab a pretty good spot of this music by pulling the sixth sound channel out (less sound effects, no dialogue).

http://audiblebeauty.net/do-not-link/le ... urfing.mp3
Also found on Two Towers page.
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Post by Belecthor »

Awesome sound editing, Gina! I love it!
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