Two Towers Trailer MP3 - Call me greedy...

As the name implies, as sound requests are completed they are moved here.
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Janitor Bob
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Thanks for all the help with the other files. The best help though, to anyone accessing this site, in my opinion, would be to make an MP3 available of the entire final trailer.

I would do this myself, but I don't have the technology to manipulate Quicktime Files. Since you can extract wavs, Wavs can be converted to MP3s fairly seemlessly using Froebis MP3 Studio 1.6 ( Thanks again.
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Post by Gina » (3 Mb)

MP3s are not a problem for me, the reason why I don't do everything in that format (which creates much smaller files) is they don't work yet for Win event sounds (if anyone happened to wonder) :)

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